Ways the Foundation Helps

Financial Literacy

We incorporate and offer classes that teach how to build financial literacy and how to leave a financial legacy.


Creativity is a form of expression. We teach art in the form of drawing, poetry, fashion, music, dance, etc. These expressions help support who we are.

Health & Wellness

Self care is needed now more than ever. We address this with wellness such as meditation, grounding, and yoga. We teach the benefits of taking care of your health for the journey and sustaining a long life.

Diversity & Inclusion

The foundation understands that diversity & inclusion (D&I) are a must for the foundation's growth. We must address equity. Bringing vision and input from all aspects will produce this.

Food Insecurity

We are a resource by offering bagged lunches and hot meals. We make sure these resources are not only available but accessible.


Technology is advancing rapidly. It is important to offer classes that teach the future of technology. This includes social media, information technology, and website building.

Career Development

We offer career classes for adults and children. These classes set families up for success.


This was a vital part of Shawn's life. Giving the opportunity to build on athletic skills often times gives a place of belonging. Offering this is important along with making sure that education is a main focus.


The poverty rate is higher in the BPOB communities. The foundation wants to make sure that these communities are receiving the best education to be set up for success. While not excluding anyone from receiving a great education.


Having a presence in the community is very important to the foundation. We intend to be fully present in the community, meeting the needs of the community not only during the times of tragedy.

Community Resources & Outreach

We provide the community with whatever it is that they need, and we meet them where they are. This could mean a hot meal, Christmas gifts, or even household items like laundry detergent or cleaning supplies.

We are here to help! If you would like to get involved and volunteer with our foundation, fill out our Contact Us form on our Get Involved page.

If you're in need, get in touch with us by requesting an application through our Contact Us form on our Get Involved page.

Brenda Moss with 2 community members at a community event

Past Events

SWAG Foundation with community members with Christmas presents at a community volunteer event

Shawn Moss Angel Tree Event

Every year in Lynchburg, Virginia, gifts are given to help families affected by gun violence. We were able provide toys and treats as well as household needs with the help of contributors, families were able to pick from dolls, detergent, dishwashing liquid, house slippers, gloves, hats, paper towels, bathroom tissue, etc. to ensure that those in need had a happy holiday but still able to make ends meet on January 1st. 

The Clothesline Project

The Lynchburg chapter of Moms Demand Action, a national organization advocating for stricter gun laws, distributed about 200 bottles of laundry detergent to the Dearington apartment complex — a publicly owned housing complex for low-income residents.

Brenda Moss, the community outreach lead for the chapter, said the detergent was entirely funded by donations. The giveaway, she said, was made to help spread the chapter’s message and to provide residents with a crucial household item many take for granted.

“The goal was to make the community aware that we’re here,” Moss said. “When you meet the need of the community it shows you care.”

The local chapter plans to conduct a similar giveaway at the Birchwood Apartment complex. In all, about 500 bottles of detergent will be donated to low-income families.

Brenda Moss' smiling grandchild with hand held out posing with many bottles of laundry detergent

Stay in the Know

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