We are lowering gun violence through education and wellness services.

We believe there is nothing you can't do.

Our vision is to build a school that will provide all of the necessary tools for success to children that are disproportionately affected by gun violence and lack of access to educational resources. We will include educational classes for adults that teach skills like financial literacy and home management to improve all of our community members' ability to succeed. The school will also offer a wellness center for self care and counseling to work with students at every step of their childhood, ensuring that each child is given the best chance to grow their talents and find opportunities that best fit their individual path to success.

In the meantime, we are committed to offering educational classes, household items, and community events to uplift and educate in order to reduce the negative impact of gun violence in our communities.

Brenda Moss

About the Founder

Brenda Moss is a Life Coach, Activist, Advocate, Policy Influencer, Evangelist, Author

Brenda Moss's journey has not taken the easy path. Her oldest son was taken by gun violence in 2014. This alone would have stopped anyone. Some would have used it as an excuse to quit. Quitting was not an option. She had two other sons that needed her. Brenda gives voice to words with her writing. There are days that no one responds. Then there is that day when one's response makes it all worth it. She is her son's voice in times when she is the most tired. Her voice has opened doors for her to speak to thousands and made lasting friendships.

Shawn's Story

My oldest son, Shawn Moss, was taken by gun violence on August 26, 2014. After the death of my son, I could have done nothing. I could have given up. I could have stopped fighting. But did I give up? No. Instead, I chose to get up and fight.

I had the opportunity to tell Shawn's story. To give a voice to his legacy. I wanted to remind Shawn's son what a great dad he had. Shawn loved kids and was always teaching them. He loved to see to see young children thrive. Education is not always afforded to the Black community or Black children as it is to others. I want to change how that looks.

Gun violence affects the Black community more than any other community. Children are often kept out of school because there isn't enough money for common household items. This is why we are dedicated to providing resources to the community, no matter what it is - from household items to clothing.

Every year, we hold the Shawn Moss Angel Tree where we provide families with gifts and anything they may need, all without cost. This program has grown every year, and we hope to continue to make an impact on our community.

- Brenda Moss, Founder

Shawn Moss

Impacting the Community

Team and Board Members

Pastor Bryan Moss, Director, MA, QMHP A-C
Pastor Bryan Moss, Director, MA, QMHP A-C
Dawnee Tate Giammittorio, Member of VA Bar, Case Supervisor for Fairfax CASA, Past State Survivor Engagement Lead for Moms Demand Action
Dawnee Tate Giammittorio, Member of VA Bar, Case Supervisor for Fairfax CASA, Past State Survivor Engagement Lead for Moms Demand Action
Tara Hassan Taylor, Treasurer
Tara Hassan Taylor, Treasurer